Monitoring Log with threshold


Hello everyone,

Happy new year and wish you all the best in 2011!
I am a beginner for Nagios and would like to ask a question regarding monitoring system logs.

Is there currently any plugins that can monitoring log that can customize so that if the error/warning reappear after a threshold period of time then Nagios will regard it as a real ERROR and triggers alert?

For example:
A machine reaches 100% CPU Utilization at 2pm, and this status only last for 30 seconds, then the plugin will not consider it as incident and no alert will be triggered.
If the machine reaches 100% CPU Utilization from 2pm to 2:10pm then the plugin will consider it as an incident and alert will be triggered.

Thank you very much!


this is what nagios already does, but not by looking at logs… :slight_smile:

tehre are log checking plugins not sure how confiugrable they are…