Monitoring process load on windows


First i appologie about my bad english:)

And second, i have small problem.
As i totally new in linux and nagios world, i experience some difficulties to configure some options in nagios.
I want ot check some process or service load on windows machine. I have Nagios v3 and newest NSCClient++ and already have system running: checking processes, services, local load…etc

For example: i want to check on windows machine sqlservr.exe process load :CPU and Memory.

I appericiate any help,

With best wishes,



You could use


I quess its that, but im littlebit confused.
I have to take this script and then run perl with command perl -w?
Then what i have to do or i understand all this wrong?
My questions sonds littlebit nubish, but im an dumbuser on that :smiley: