Monitoring Processes

Does anybody know how to montior certain processes on a remote machine. I thought it might be through the check_procs but not sure. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


You can run the check_procs plugin on a remote machine, but you’ll need to use it with NRPE or NSCA to get it back to your Nagios box.

I’ve also heard of checking such local services with the check_snmp plugin.

Thanks Thunder,

I was thinking of using the check_procs via nrpe but I’m not sure if there’s an option to monitor a certain single process. Do you know if you can do that. don’t want to monitor 100 process. I want to know if a single process is up and running or if it’s down.

You can run the check_procs plugin with the -a option to search for a particular string. I don’t know if that’s the cleanest way to do it, but it’s the way I do it.

Thanks I’ll try that… I’ll let you know if it works


Could you give me an example of how you use the -a option with check_procs

Heres 1 from a remote server running NRPE:

command[clulockd]=/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_procs -c 1:1 -a clulockd

This checks there is only 1 process, any more or less gives a critical

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Can this also check to see if the process is running or not. Is there an option to do that with check_proc

The very purpose of this plugin is to check running processes, so yes.

Hey Awesome

Got working by downloading a check_processes perl script and placing it in the libexec and then making a checkcommand in the nrpe.cfg

Thanks for the advice Thunder :slight_smile:

where did you download the check_processes perl?

you should install the nagios_plugins package: … p_id=29880

this gives you all sorts of plugins, needs compiling.

I already have all the plugins… just looking for a specific one… that would be better than using the check_process

Here’s the link to where I got the script: … arameters/

Awesome little perl script… And best of all it works good

The link has changed to: … arameters/