Monitoring routers - check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus


Hey there!

New day, new problems!
I’ve started monitoring a few routers in our network, and more specifically I’m targetting an Interface with check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus.
Problem is, it keeps giving me the Interface not Found error.
it seems like -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -i FastEthernet0/1 doesn’t work,
while -H [name] -i FastEthernet0/1 does work (no error).
(Also tried with -C $SNMP_COMMUNITY$ or -C [name] but no luck either)

To me it looks like the macro $HOSTADDRESS$ isn’t working here, wich is very annoying if there are going to be a lot more routers.
I’ve triple checked the names of the interfaces, and they are all correct.
Running the check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus from /usr/local/nagios/libexec doesn’t give any problems either. (Note: Not using $HOSTADDRESS$ here, seems like it doesn’t work here either)

If anyone could tell me what I’m doing wrong, you’d make me very happy! :slight_smile:

Edit: This is a Nagios installation on Ubuntu. Using Opsview for our demanding eyes :wink:


Alright, seems like check_snmp_ifstatus and linkstatus do the exact same thing, though these are working ones!
Thanks for reading anyway :wink:



I’m a little bit lost here. It was my understanding that those two were different? So maybe I am confused if somebody could walk me through that would be awesome. So far I have done a preliminary pst repair just to ensure the protection of my personal email through some of my common file applications. What comes next? I am feeling quite dumbfounded.


not sure if this is correct, but it’s the first info i found: … tus.8.html … tus.8.html

they return different information…