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I try to keep it simple and short, that’s why I also made a network diagram, please take a look at it.

The company I work for does a lot of management and monitoring on Windows based devices, mainly Windows servers. It’s my job to expand this monitoring to non-Windows based devices, like routers, switches, printers, storage solutions, VMware servers, tape units etc.

At the moment we work with the application Kaseya, a great management and monitoring solution but when you take a look at the abilities of SNMP and compare it with applications like Cacti, Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix or Zenoss, it doesn’t even come close.

But the main reason we use Kaseya is because we don’t use VPN tunneling to connect with our customers. And that is also the main problem I have now. With Kaseya it’s possible to install an agent anywhere you want and it will talk to your Kaseya server without VPN tunneling. I’m looking for a solution that a server (with maybe Cacti, Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix, Zenoss etc.) can get SNMP information from multiple non-Windows devices in the customers network, but without VPN tunneling and without installing a server in the customers network. What I think I need is something like a collector, that can be installed on a Windows server that is already present in the customers network. Please see the fast made network diagram.

I would like to see a solution for this that is free and works with nice graphs (back-end RRD?) and with the possibility to set your own OID’s, interval for polling and reporting (alerts(thresholds), dashboards, trend analyzes, etc.)

Does someone have this solution for me? Let me know! I already have a test Cacti, Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix and Zenoss server running.

Thank you very much!

Monitoring solution for