Monitoring Windows Server 2008 64bit


Hello, my company is venturing into the Window Server 2008 (64bit version) territory, I am having some trouble getting nsclient++ running on 2008. I think I have it correctly configured using nsclient settings, but when I try to test it from nagios, using:

I get:

Connection refused could not fetch information from server

So maybe I have it setup wrong, The windows firewall is completely off so that is not blocking it. I’m hoping someone here has setup nagios to monitor windows server 2008 Enterprise 64bit edition, and can point me in the right direction.



Did you resolve this issue ?

I am in the process of configuring 2 2008x64 servers and I have not modified the Windows firewall.

I get

./check_nt -H x.x.x.x -p 12489 -v CPULOAD -w 80 -c 90 -l 5,80,90,10,80,90

CPU Load 0% (5 min average) 0% (10 min average) | ‘5 min avg Load’=0%;80;90;0;100 ‘10 min avg Load’=0%;80;90;0;100