Monitoring Xwall



we use xwall as an anti-spam solution.
We are trying to monitor / graph the status of Xwall.
We already found this guide to use it in combination with MRTG.
Is it possible to use it in Nagios / Centreon as well?
Very interested in this.




No one? :slight_smile:


I’d say that you can do it with nagios+nagiosgraph :slight_smile:


Yeah, but how? Not able to wright my own scripts by the way… :slight_smile:


For the nagios part, you’ll just have to use “check_snmp” on the correct OIDs for your firewall.
It should be pretty easy, once you have the OIDs you want.

And then, you’ll have to install nagiosgraph…

But still, if you’re not experienced in nagios, maybe Cacti or some other software will be a better solution ? :confused:


We dont wat to monitor our firewall :slight_smile:
We use the command check_snmp very often.

But I found the xwall mrtg script so I thougt how can we combine this with our current nagios system.


Anyone can help me with this?


Any one update for me? :slight_smile: