Monitorizing Windows Services



I’m having problems configuring my Windows nrpe to answer the command check_nt. I can monitorize hard disks because i have .exe scripts in the Windows machine, but when I try to monitorize with check_nt from my Nagios server doesn’t work. I’m testing that with the command check_nt and the flag UPTIME that returns the sistem time, but it doesn’t work.

I need to monitorize if a Windows service is running. Is there any other way to do it without command check_nt? It’s enough to have the check_nt script in nagios server, or I neet to have one in the Windwos machine? In that case, is the same linux script or I need a Widnows one?

Thank you very much.


I have installed NSClient++

My windows machine is listening at port 12489 but my nagios server gets this with check_nt’s

“could not fetch information from server”

Anyone knows why? Thank you very much


add nsclient++.exe to firewall exeception on client windows machine. Plus, check your *.ini files of your nsclient++ and look at allwed host and pasword sections.
These are possbile error sources for u