More frequent host checking


Hi there,

I wanted to force Nagios to check hosts every 15 seconds let say. What option would do it? There are many timing options and I am not sure which should I play with

Thanks in advance


why would you want a host checked every 15 seconds? hosts shoud be checked only if a service fails (this is what nagios does by standard).

If you want to check a service every 15 seconds (overkill?) you will need to change the standard time unit nagios uses (it should be in the nagios.cfg) to something dfifferent than the standard 60 seconds… keep in mind this will change ALL timings you have set in the various config files (inclding notifications).


thaks for a fas reply

i want to check it every 15 seconds, because there is some network in the big big warehouse that MUST be all the time working, and a fast reaction to failures is very importaint. there are ~20 access points, so not much

i would not like to pay with the time unit in nagios, i belive that it would f*** all the Nagios timing… so any practical idea how to reach it?


no other way i can think of… you can get down to 1 minute (the smallest unit you can use keeping the standard at 60 seconds).