Morning after daylight saving, log views break?


It’s the morning after the change from standard to daylight saving time in the US, and my “Alert History” and “Event Log” pages are behaving strangely. It is currently Sunday, March 8, 0900, and at the top of the “Alert History” page, the text says “Log File Navigation Mon Mar 2 00:00:00 PST 2009 to Present…” However, the log files did get rotated on schedule last night (0000 Sunday), so the current log file has only today (Sunday’s) data in it.

However, when I click on the “Latest Archive” red arrow, Nagios cannot find the log file: “Error: Cannot open log file ‘/usr/local/nagios/var/archives/nagios-03-02-2009-00.log’ for reading!” And so on - last week’s file is there, and it’s named nagios-03-08-2009-00.log, which I think is correct.

Nagios seems to think it’s still Saturday and the logs haven’t been rotated yet.

This is Nagios 3.0.4, running on Suse 9.1, but which has been patched and seems to have handled the DST transition OK. Restarting Nagios has no effect.

The workaround would be to make links in the archives directory, “ln -s nagios-03-08-2009-00.log nagios-03-02-2009-00.log”, there would be no filename conflicts.

I will see if things return to normal on Monday, or next week. This is possibly the first time I have read a Nagios log on a Sunday. I don’t normally read Nagios logs on Sunday, my religion (Church of BOFH), forbids it !

Thanks - W Sanders


Well, it’s Monday morrning, and Nagios Alert and Log viewing is working normally.

Obviously, Nagios is encouraging you to join the Church of BOFH and not work on Sunday.

-W Sanders