Moving PC's


I would like to know…

If I setup Nagios on a test box and would then like to move it to my LIVE box, how would this be done. Is it easy ???

I am running SuSE on both… the only diff is the hardware on the box’s.

Would I just move the .cfg files and if so which ones ???


I have looked for this info but could not find it.


Moving all cfg in the nagios/etc directory should work. (have a backup of the old ones on the live box… you never know) :slight_smile:
that is,… it SHOULD work if the nagios versions are the same with the same plugins, the mail service is provided by the same executable and so on… :slight_smile:



Personally, I would compile nagios and all of the plugins on the box that you are going to use it on. There may be small problems with missing libs etc on another box, that you are unaware of. But the config files are not compiled at all, they are just text files that can be copied easily.


I know it would be a long way round… but would it not be safer to compile a test box, setup all the configs and make sure it does what I want… then compile it on the live box and MOVE the configs to the new box ??

I think (95%) that the two box’s are the same rev etc as I used the same CD’s to build the box’s.

The LIVE box also runs our imaging software so do not want to break or kill it !!!

Thanks for the info. Any further comments help well appreciated. :?:


Yes, I thought that is what I stated. I would always compile it on the box that nagios is going to be used on. The config files can be easily compied over from the test to the live with no modifications needed, if you keep the permissions the same.