Multiple check at the same time with check by ssh return cri



I have decided to supervise the host of users. Also, there is 30 hosts.
The check period is 8h am -> 22 pm. The problem is that all the check for hosts start at 8 h am.
There is four check for each host ! (check_by_ssh) That’s why i have a lots of time out. I’m not sure time out is due to the lots of check at the same time ?? can someone confir that ?

Then checks are rescheduled by nagios and all is ok.
How can i fix this problem ? I would like the first check works good ?


Have you tried winding up the timeout value on check_by_ssh (-t switch)? The default is only 10 seconds


Yes. and ihave modified variable like service_inter_check_delay_method, service_interleave_factor, max_concurrent_checks, service reaper frequency and all services are scheduled at 8h00h00 am !