Multiple check_disk per host



Just curious on how i can check disk space of different partitions on the same host.

On some hosts, i may have several disks i need to check, and other hosts i may just have 1 disk.

I have it set up that i can check / on all hosts in that group, but on some hosts i want to check / /home /var. How can i have different checks depending on the host.

I use nrpe, and i pass the path ( /home) to check disk, but not sure how i can do this multiple times per host

Would i need a to define a seperate service for each partition i want to check or can i put commands in the host definition?


host1 check /
host2 check / and /home and /var
host3 check /home


multiple checks require multiple definitions,…

you can define the service check for / and assign it to multiple hosts, and the define the check for the /home parition and assing the hosts where you want that checked…


I thought that may be the case. Thanks for your help.