Multiple contacts with different time periods


Hi everyone. What I want to do is to send notifications to two separate contacts who have different time periods. Ex:
Contact1 has workhours defined in the contacts.cfg
Contact2 has 27x7 defined for his name.
When a notification occurs and is within the workhours, both get the notification. But, when it occurs after working hours, nobody gets the notification.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for a prompt reply! :idea:


Could you pls post the definitions of both, the timeperiods and the contacts here so we coulds see any possibly debug the problem.

Also check if you have defined right contactgroups in service and host definitions.


Here are the config files.
As for the contactgroups.cfg, originally I had defined a group including admins and CSAadmins. Thinking this was the problem, I removed the CSAadmin from the group and added the contact in the hosts.cfg and services.cfg files instead.
Still, this didn’t work.
Thanks for your help.



In think that in your services.cfg file, you should set your “notification_period” to 24x7 instead of workhours (but it seems you’ve already tried…)


Yes I tried this. What I want is CSAadmin to be notified 24x7 and admin only on workhours.
What seems to happen is when a notification occurs during work hours, both contacts get called. As soon as workhours get out of its range, nobody gets notified.
Is it a question of order, meaning, CSAadmin,admin or admin,CSAadmin?


Found the problem.
In your host definititon templates and service definition templates, there are notification_period variables set to workhours. Set those to 24x7, then all notifications should be sent out.

One another thing that I have noticed. In contact definitions, service_notification_commands and host_notification_commands are the same. That could cause some wrong information to be sent out in a notification for hosts when it comes to that. You should set the command host-notify-by-email for hosts.