Multiple networks


i wish to remotely monitor several small networks with a nagios box can this be easily done. Will nagios combine all the networks info or can it be kept separate for each?

i went to look at the online demo and its currently unavailable :shock:




i think you will need to read the host dependencies on this one. Nagios can monitor your small networks. try nagios docs. it will help a lot. =)


nagios brings all info together. you could assign particular users to machine on the different networks, depending on the user you login as you could see the particular network.



I’m confident that nagios can do this yes. Nagios is meant to be used to monitor anything that can be reached via ip.

You really need to read the docs. Setup nagios, get it running, take a look at what you now see, and make any changes you need to. Perhaps creating hostgroups as the docs suggest will organize the hosts into groups. I find that the names given to hosts makes all the difference in the world too. That way, as an admin, all the hosts are grouped together alphabetically.