Multiple Web Front Ends


Is it possible to have more than one web front-end for a nagios monitoring server? Basically, our Nagios server is on our private network. I would like to have a second web front-end on the public network so that certain individuals can see certain hosts and services. I can’t use a VPN because these users would be viewing nagios via a blackberry.


if they only need to see some servers and services i’d think of a script running lynx and copying the output to a public accessible server… it would create a couple of static pages but it may be enough. Last time i checked (quite a while ago to be honest) it was quite difficult to create limited access users for only viewing nagios data, and i never cehcked if you can in fact have two different web servers on the same data… but that should be possible duplicating the files somehow, but i’m not sure what could break in the process. :slight_smile:


That’s great, but is there any documentation on how to access the nagios data from an external program? I’m running nagvis and using ndoutils, but there isn’t any docs on how to access the sql data. That would work for me, as I know enough sql to be dangerous, again, a lack of documentation.


not that i know of… but lynx takes parameters. so just try man lynx.
I honwstly wouldn’t try to copy over everything… but just th eneeded webpages… your choice.