[Munin for Android] Display Munin output graphs on Android


Hello everybody !

I’d like to present you the Android app I created: Munin for Android. It allows you to display all the graphs generated by Munin on your server on your Android based phone/tabled ! Its working way is quite simple:

  1. Configure your server(s) in the Settings screen. Enter Apache Basic Auth ids if necessary. Munin for Android will analyze your Munin installation and find activated plugins.
  2. Go back to the main screen, and selected a plugin. The corresponding graph will show up, feel free to edit the scale (view data per day / per week / per month / per year) and to switch to other plugins with the action buttons.


The app is free and is available on Google Play ! But if you still want to learn more before trying it, here is a page with more information.

Thanks for your attention ! If you have any suggestion or any question about the app, please tell/ask me !