Nagios 1.2 on SunOS 5.8 - Status information - no output!



I have installed Nagios successfully and I am now attempting to configure the hosts - I’ve added some test boxes to my hosts.cfg file and entered them into appropriate hostgroups, and applied services to these boxes in the services.cfg file. Logging into the web interface I can see that Nagios sees the servers as up, but the individual services on the boxes are all ‘warning’, and in the ‘status information’ column on the ‘Service Detail’ page I see the comment (No output!).

It’s probably a schoolboy error but I can’t see anything obvious that would be causing these basic service checks to fail.

Any ideas? I can provide config as and when required…

Many thanks in advance,



try running the check command’s by hand.
cd libexec
./check_??? you fill in the rest with your info.