Nagios 2.0 and Servicegroup Escalations

I’ve been reading the docs on 2.0 and I’m still a little confused as to how to use the new servicegroup in escalations.

Let’s assume I created the following service group:

define servicegroup{
servicegroup_name dbservices
alias Database Services
members ms1,SQL Server,ms1,SQL Server Agent,ms1,SQL DTC

If I’d like to escalate it then I assume I need to use the service escalation to escalate service groups just as I now need to use the host escalation to escalate the host groups. In the documentation for the service escalation, they define the following:

define serviceescalation{
host_name host_name
service_description service_description
contact_groups contactgroup_name
first_notification #
last_notification #
notification_interval #
escalation_period timeperiod_name
escalation_options [w,u,c,r]

I expected to see a “servicegroup_name” which, if used, would apply to all services in the servicegroup definition (again similar to how the hosts work with hostgroup_name). Is this an oversight in the documentation, or am I just not understanding how to escalate a service group?

And to add to the confusion, why do I need to add a host_name in the hostescalation if the hostgroup_name applies to all hosts in the group. Shouldn’t the host_name field only be required if the hostgroup_name is not specified?

Thanks in advance.


i suppose the docs are still a bit “back”…

just try with servicegroup_escalation and see if the nagios check works…