Nagios 2.0b5, web display problem


None of the links in the Monitoring section are displayed properly. All the information is there, although no pics are displayed and the page is white?

i.e. no colours or coloured tables like in Nagios 1.2
Anyone come across this before?


Haven’t installed 2.0b5 yet… can you check if in the share subfolders you have the images? possibly some errors on the file names…
A good troubleshooting start is usually the apache log for these errors.



This is the message from the apache log. Everything in the share directory looks intact, everythings is owned by nagios and the webserver owner is a member of the nagios group.

Thanks for your pointer Luca!

[Wed Nov 30 09:33:59 2005] [error] [client my ip] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/usr, referer: webserver/nagios2/cgi-bin/status … hostdetail


/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/usr ?
Seems like you misconfigured nagios… try ./configure --help and check all possible options possibly you missed to tell nagios one of the directories it should know of.



In my etc/cgi.cfg
The url_html_path was pointing to the absolute path, once I changed it to /nagios2, instead of the complete apache directory, it works! (I did a configure again, but no difference, so i started grepping for htdocs in the config, Thanks Luca!)