Nagios 2.10 Available



Nagios 2.10 has been released as a bug fix update to the stable 2.x 
branch and is available from:

Here’s a list of changes made since the 2.9 release…

2.10 - 10/21/2007
* Added ‘make install-webconf’ command to install Apache web config file
* Sample config files are now installed without a -sample extension
* Fix for SIGTERMs being seen as SIGEXITs, non-logging of SIGTERMs/shutdowns
* Minor fix for notification timeout log messages
* Fix for not logging passive host check results
* Minor bug fixes in CGIs
* Fix for a segfault when processing passive host check results with
empty output/perfdata
* Fix for incorrect latency calculation for passive service checks
* Bug fix with attempting to access an uninitalized mutex if external
commands are disabled
* Fix for keeping service checks in the event queue when active service
checks are disabled globally
* Fix for a potential cross site scripting vulnerability in the CGIs
* Program version is now displayed in CGIs

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer