NAGIOS 2.10 Installation support



I am new to this forum as well as to the subject. Correctly speaking, I dont have have any idea about networking as well as LINUX. But, i am very much interested in learning these new things. So, i need your help in order to complete this project of monitoring my office network.
I have gone through the official website of NAGIOS and got a fair idea abt this. But, now its the time to install and i started searching for LINUX OS and other requirements on web. I got confused with the versions available. So, please provide me the links to download LINUX, C compiler and APACHE webserver. Thanks in advance…


As for Linux, there are a a lot of different versions floating around. The easiest to setup is probobly ubunto
Select Server edition 7.10 and pick your computer type.

What’s nice about the Ubunto server distribution is it sets up Apache, PHP, and MySQL for you. It should come with GCC as well to use as a compiler. I would start there.

Good Luck.