Nagios 2.12 on FreeBSD


Hi there,

We have installed nagios on 2 FreeBSD servers (5.5 & 5.4) to monitor our network, however after the last portupgrade (2.11 -> 2.12), nagios on both machines stopped working.
One problem we located was that if there was a contact_group or contact that wasn’t assigned to any machine or group, it stopped polling of all machines and services, which it didn’t do in 2.11. This was labelled a warning in the log files, so I was a little bit surprised.
That fixed one 1 machine (FreeBSD 5.5).

The second I haven’t been able to work out.

The logs don’t say anything other than
[1213758202] Nagios 2.12 starting… (PID=77539)
[1213758202] LOG VERSION: 2.0
[1213758202] Finished daemonizing… (New PID=77540)
[1213758318] Caught SIGTERM, shutting down…

The sigterm doesn’t actually kill it (which I issued), it still just sits there. It doesn’t poll anything. killing it with -9 doesn’t remove it from the process list either.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas?