Nagios 2.7 released


[html] In case you didn’t notice, Nagios 2.7 was released this weekend. The new release fixes several bugs present in the 2.6 release, so I would recommend that everyone upgrade.

You can download Nagios 2.7 from

The biggest fix is for a likely segfault that could occur when scheduled downtime entries are manually removed/deleted before their expiration time. In this instance, Nagios would/should segfault, so I changed the way downtime expiration was handled a bit to hopefully fix the problem.

Here’s the Changelog since 2.6:

2.7 - 01/19/2007
* now sets environment var (NAGIOS_PLUGIN) to indicate patch of plugin that is executing
* Updated nagiostats with new MRTG vars for tracking buffer usage
* Added sample MRTG config file
* Minor patches to availability and status CGIs
* Minor documentation updates
* Fix for segfault during expiration or deletion of scheduled downtime
* Fix for scheduling immediate service check through WAP interface
* Fix for leading whitespace before comments in object config files

Also of note, the new 2.7 release breaks earlier releases of the NDOUtils addon, so I posted a new release (1.4b2) of NDOUtils as well.
The new beta version of NDOUtils can be obtained from the Nagios download page mentioned above.

A quick note about Nagios 3.x development…

There are a few coding changes that I still need to make before Nagios 3 hits an alpha release. I am currently in the process of updating the documentation, which is proving to be not-so-fun, as I am reviewing and rewriting almost every section of docs. Once I document enough of the new changes that have been made since the Nagios 2.x fork, I’ll post a message to the nagios-devel list and start making alpha releases available for early testers. This may happen as early as the end of February, but I’m not making any promises. :frowning:

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]