Nagios+2 config files!


i;m new here !
i just setup nagios,and try to verify if the configuration is right or not,
i used this command:

’ ./nagios -v …/etc/nagios.cfg ’

but 2 errors displayed on the screen,
i will say them later,
my first question is about minimal.cfg and checkcommands.cfg files,
should both of them be in etc/ subdirectory ?
i have both but i got those 2 errors,
that seem to be related to these 2 files,coz some commands are defined in both and i’ve probmted the check-host-alive command has already been defined,and for other commands.
what should i do ?



I noticed that problem when I installed the 2.0 beta also. There are going to be several problems like the one you have described. I refuse to answer every single problem over and over in the forum for each occurance. I’ve said it before, use V 1.2 if you want it to work right out of the box. Use 2.0 beta’s if you know how to fix the multitude of bugs like the one you have.

Your problem is that the command is defined twice, so just don’t do that. Remove the one definition.


it wasn’t a bug guy.
i had made a mistake in nagios.cfg .
it is ok now .