Nagios 2.x custom headers in critical and warning letters


good day, comrades! :slight_smile:

i’d like to know is it possible to add custom headers to email notifications which are alerting CRITICAL or WARNING type of problems?

i need to add “X-Priority 1” header to every notification letter. I know i can make it by passing an option -a “X-Priority 1” to /bin/mail command, but it’ll mark all notifications when i need only CRITICAL and WARNING messages to be marked.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance.


Good day to you!

I’ve never wondered about this problem, so this solution may not be the best one, but it should work:

I assume your using the notify-by-email command when trying to send a mail … if not, either you understand what I’m trying to say, or could you post your config for sending mails ? (contactgroups, contacts, command …etc).

You’ll just have to modify the notify-by-email command; instead of directly sending an email via /bin/mail, change it so that it calls a script of your own with -more or less- the same arguments;
inside this script, you’ll just have to write an if-then-else algorithm which will decide what the title of the mail will be, depending on the severity … and voila!

I hope it is clear enough … if not, just ask :wink:


great! thank you
why didn’t i guess it :slight_smile: