Nagios 3.0a4 Available



I just released Nagios 3.0a4 for testing. This newest release features 
some new debug logging and a new IPC method for transferring check
results to the main Nagios daemon for processing. This will make
submitting passive checks have less of a performance hit than with
previous versions. The NSCA addon will be updated to take advantage of
the new IPC method.

Give it a go and report any bugs to the nagios-devel mailing list. :frowning:

Items changed since 3.0a3 include the following:

3.0a4 - 05/08/2007
* Fix for segfault fix when low priority event queue’s only item is removed
* Added test for writeability of temp directory during configuration test
* Fix for unescaping backslashes in plugin output in the CGIs
* Removed check_result_buffer_slots option from main configuration file
* New IPC method for passing host/service check results back to main daemon
* Added check_result_path option to set path used to store check results
* Added max_check_result_file_age option to control processing of check results in older files
* Added new --with-temp-dir option to configure script
* Removed legacy 2.x host check logic and use_old_host_check_logic option
* Removed DEBUGx options from configure script
* Added new debug/trace log functionaltiy (only partially complete)
* Fixed compilation error under OSX
* Fix for SIGTERMs being seen as SIGEXITs, non-logging of SIGTERMs/shutdowns

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]