Nagios 3.0b1 Released



The first beta release of Nagios 3 has finally arrived.  Nagios 3.0b1 
was just released and can be downloaded from:

This release includes a number of bug fixes since 3.0a5, updated
documentation, optional Splunk integration, and new timeperiod
exclusions which make it easy to define on-call rotations (see

Here’s the full Changelog since 3.0a5…

3.0b1 - 07/31/2007
* Fixed bug with processing epn directives in Perl plugins
* Fixed bug with check_result_path config option being ignored
* Fixed bug with incorrect output returned from embedded Perl plugins
* Fixed bug where status data file was not read by CGIs using mmap()
* Fix for CGI segfault
* Program status now updated at least every 5 seconds for addons that
watch NDOUtils DB
* Added escape_html_tags option to CGI config file to escape HTML tags
in plugin output
* Added optional integration with Splunk into the CGIs
* Added new action and notes URL target frame options to CGI config file
* Added new ‘exclude’ option to timeperiod definitions for easy on-call
rotation definitions


Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer