Nagios 3.0b2 Released



Nagios 3.0b2 has just been released an can be downloaded from:

This latest release includes some fixes for bugs that were present in
3.0b1, and includes some new host check performance improvements.

Here’s the Changelog:

3.0b2 - 08/29/2007
* Fix for some sample config files getting installed with .sample extension
* Improvements to the host check logic performance (more use of cached
and parallel checks)
* Minor bug fix with notification timeout error messages
* Fix bug with logging of passive host and service check results
* Fixed bug with warning about no contactgroups being defined
* Internal data structure cleanups
* Added ‘lock_author_names’ option to CGI config file to prevent
alteration of author names
when submitting comments, scheduled downtime, etc.
* Fix for concatentation of multiline plugin perfdata
* Added status CGI host/service property filters for hard and soft states

Also, NDOUtils 1.4b5 has just been released to stay current with the new
Nagios 3 beta release. Here’s the Changelog:

1.4b5 - 08/29/2007
NOTE: ** Requires Nagios 2.7 or higher, or Nagios 3.0b2
- Reintroduced contactgroup associations with host, service, and
escalation definitions
- Adjustments for data structure changes made in Nagios 3.0b2
- Fix for missing math libraries during compilation (Dominic Settele)
- Changed MySQL db table types from MyISAM to InnoDB
- Updated to latest Nagios 3.x include files (3.0b2)

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]
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