Nagios 3.0b5, cgi.cfg, web authentication still required?


Hey all,

I’m being prompted to authenticate even though I have setup the default user. Anyone got any ideas? Here are the settings I think are relevant, let me know any others are relevant.


From cgi.cfg

httpd.conf setup as follows:


Try disabling authentication:

Everything is very well explained in cgi.cfg


I thought there was a way to allow viewing of services/hosts, and use authentication only for actions.


A-ha, you wanted to view everything without authentication and when you try to chenge something then it will ask you for authentication. Hm, it would be nice to have that, but I haven’t managed to do so. If anyone else knows how to acomplish this, pls, share the knowledge :slight_smile:


good question!
could be a nice implementation.

Currently, I have no idea how to do that … but I’ll try to search a little bit to see if I can find something (I’m not too confident on this, seeing how much I know about apache :))