Nagios 3.0b6 and NDOUtils 1.4b7 Available



Nagios 3.0b6 has just been released and can be downloaded from:

The 3.x code is getting closer to a stable release all the time. I
expect one or two more betas to be released before we see some release
candidates. My goal is to have a stable 3.0 release by year’s end.

What remains to be done? The biggest thing I want to see changed is a
revamp of the event queue data structures (currently linked lists),
which are inefficient in large installations. Some discussion about
switching to priority queues, skip lists, and hash tables have taken
place on the -devel mailing list recently. Hopefully something will be
finalized in the next few weeks. :frowning:

Also, NDOUtils 1.4b7 has just been released. Nagios 3.0b6 introduced
some changes to the object and event broker data structures, so a new
release was necessary. The 1.4b7 release also includes fixes for bugs
that were present in 1.4b6.

Here’s the Changelog for Nagios 3.0b6…

3.0b6 - 10/31/2007
* Logging API revamp, cleanup
* Misc internal performance improvements
* Bug fix with attempting to access an uninitalized mutex if external
commands are disabled
* Updates to .cvsignore files
* Fix for embedded Perl interpreter to recache scripts when they’re modified
* Fix for canceling inheritance with ‘null’ in various object directives
* Additional functionality of additive inheritance feature
* Fixed bug where missing host/servicegroups in object definitions
didn’t always generate errors
* Increased max plugin output length cap from 4kb to 8kb
* Caching of Perl scripts now enabled by default if embedded Perl
interpreter is compiled in
* Fix for segfault when contact definitions had no notification
timeperiods defined
* Retention of host/service check scheduling options
* Fix for race condition when freshening host and service check results
* Added null -b option to install-sh for Solaris so install scripts
don’t break
* Added .gitignore files for git users
* Added new external commands to change notification period for host,
services, and contact on-the-fly
* Added new external commands to change modified object attributes
(affecting data retention logic)
* Added $ISVALIDTIME:$ and $NEXTVALIDTIME:$ on-demand macros
* Added enable_environment_macros option to determine whether or not
macros are set as environment vars
* Major overhaul (read: complete rewrite) of macro code, so macros are
now only computed when found
* Summary macros are now available as regular (non-environment) macros
if requested when large installation tweaks
are enabled
* Bug fix for scheduling hostgroup host downtime through web interface
* Better error logging when failing to rename/move files
* Addition of object pointers to event broker module data structures
(may require event broker module rebuilds)
* Spec file changes to better support RPM builds on 64-bit systems
* Possible fix for Unicode html encoding errors in CGIs

And here’s the Changelog for NDOUtils 1.4b7…

1.4b7 - 10/31/2007
NOTE: ** Requires Nagios 2.7 or higher, or Nagios 3.0b6
- Makefile fixes for compilation flags
- Fix for bug where service check table always had same start/end time
- Added sample init script for SLES (Bruno Quintais)
- Added --with-ndo2db-user and --with-ndo2db-group configure script options
- Fix for configfilevariables table not holding multiple entries for
various variables
- Changed/added indexes on various DB tables
- Added some very basic debug file capabilities (not complete yet)
- Fix for handling (backwards) system time changes
- Fix for missing SUN_LEN definition and strtof() functions on Solaris 8
(Christian Masopust)
- Fix for segfault when importing duplicate log file entries (Hendrik
- Updated to support latest Nagios 3.x code (3.0b6)

Happy monitoring!

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer