Nagios 3.0b7 and Ndoutils 1.4b7


I’m running on Ubuntu 7.10. I installed Nagios 3.0b7 with no problems and it is running fine. I installed mysql and phpmyadmin and followed the instructions in ndoutils to configure, make and copy the necessary files. I created and installed the ndo database, when I look in phpmyadmin I see all of the tables. I can start ndo using /usr/local/nagios/bin/ndo2db-3x -c /usr/local/nagios/etc/ndo2db.cfg and then restart nagios. When I look in the system log I see that the ndomod-3x.o initialized successfully and finished daemonizing. However I’m constantly seeing ndomod Error writing to data sink and then ndomod successfully reconnected. In the database I only have one table populated and it’s the _dbversion. When I try to look at the map in Nagvis I get the “NDO reports that Nagios is not running”.

Does any one no if there is a problem between these two versions?


I’m having the same problem on FC6, I have Nagios 3.0rc2 and Ndoutils 1.4b7.

Everything, permissions, database access, services run as, eveything seems ok. Nagios works fine, just nothing logs to the database.

Having googled at length, I can’t find anyone saying they are successfully using nagios 3.x and NDOutils.

Does anyone have this working?


I am running on Redhat 5.1 with Nagios 3.0 rc2 and NDOUtils 1.4b7.

I am seeing the same issues. When I start Nagios and look at my logs I get this error.

Feb 21 11:06:47 nagios: ndomod: Successfully reconnected to data sink! 0 items lost, 81 queued items to flush.
Feb 21 11:06:47 nagios: ndomod: Successfully flushed 81 queued items to data sink.
Feb 21 11:06:47 kernel: ndo2db-3x[19834]: segfault at 00007ffffcdd4fe0 rip 000000363aa42275 rsp 00007ffffcdd4fd0 error 6
Feb 21 11:06:47 nagios: ndomod: Error writing to data sink! Some output may get lost…

I appears as if it is populating the database, but nothing is there. I need this to work as my upper management has seen a demo of NagVis and want to utilize this as an Executive Dashboard, but NagVis requires NDO.

Any help out there ??


I figured out the issues. I have NDO and Nagvis working under Nagios 3.0 RC2 and NDOUtils 1.4b7. The issues was the 64 bit version of Redhat. I reloaded the 32 bit version and now everything is working well.



Well, I got the same problem, but unfortunately I can’t switch to a 32bit RedHat version.

Has anyone succeed to make it work under 64bits system ?

Error log:

Apr 28 17:57:21 marbk01 nagios: Nagios 3.0.1 starting... (PID=26253) Apr 28 17:57:21 marbk01 nagios: Local time is Mon Apr 28 17:57:21 CEST 2008 Apr 28 17:57:21 marbk01 nagios: LOG VERSION: 2.0 Apr 28 17:57:21 marbk01 nagios: ndomod: NDOMOD 1.4b7 (10-31-2007) Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Ethan Galstad ( Apr 28 17:57:21 marbk01 kernel: ndo2db-3x[26254]: segfault at 0000007fbf3ffff8 rip 0000003f92b65ec4 rsp 0000007fbf400000 error 6




I found the latest code in CVS resolved this issue.
Just check out with:

cvs -z3 co -P ndoutils

and compile as normal.

Hope this helps,