Nagios 3.0b7 Released



Nagios 3.0b7 has just been released and can be downloaded from:

This release fixes a number of bugs that were present in beta 6. See
below for the Changelog snippet. FYI, I have decided to hold off on a
rewrite of the event queue data structures, as they are fairly major and
I want to ensure that we stay as close as possible to a year-end stable
release of 3.0.

3.0b7 - 11/23/2007
* Memory leak fix in macro code
* Added use_timezone option to allow Nagios instances to run in
non-native timezones
* Fix for encoding HTML characters in CGIs
* Fix for unimplemented $LASTHOSTSTATE$, $LASTHOSTSTATEID$,
* Fixes for memory leaks with passive check, performance data routines
* Makefile fixes
* Code cleanup, fixes for compiler warnings
* Fix to prevent FLAPPINGSTART notifications from incorrectly being
resent after program restarts
* Added free_child_process_memory and child_processes_fork_twice options
for performance tweaks
* Fix for bug in processing of on-demand service macros

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]