Nagios 3.0rc2 Released



Nagios 3.0rc2 has just been released and can be downloaded from:

A list of changes made since 3.0rc1 are listed below…

3.0rc2 - 01/29/2008
* Changed embedded audio MIME types in CGIs to “application/wav”
* Fixed bug in sample helloworld NEB module
* Modified to allow for multiline-line output of Perl plugins
under embedded Perl interpreter (epn)
* Fix for incorrect environment variables names for custom host and
contact macros
* Fix for external command file thread polling code
* Fix for cfg_dir directive not working on Solaris
* Fixed segfault in extinfo CGI when passed an invalid service
* Fixed bug in summary CGI with reports on specific hosts
* Fix for writing check result files under Cygwin
* Fix for not building sample helloworld.o event broker module if event
broker is disabled by configure script
* Fix to sample event handler scripts
* Fix for handling plugin output with escaped newlines and backslashes
* Fix for bug in service and host event scheduling logic
* Fix for reversed object sort order when using fast startup options
* Fix for bug with notification commands not being run if notifications
were not logged

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer