Nagios 3.0rc3 Released



Nagios 3.0rc3 has just been released!  Get it from:

The latest release candidate fixes a number of bugs present in rc2, and
has a few speed improvements to boot. 3.0 stable/final release should
be here in the next two weeks unless the sky falls down.

The Changelog since 3.0rc2 is found below:

3.0rc3 - 02/26/2008
* Fix for passive service check stats bugs in nagiostats
* Nagios no longer warns or errors when encountering
host/contact/service groups with empty memberships
* Debugging info fix in notification logic
* Fix for multiline support in config files (again)
* Fix for stripping illegal chars in output, perfdata macros
* Patch to allow non-ASCII characters in notifications, etc.
* Fix for bug in on-demand service macros with blank/null host names
* Fix for cleaning up zombie child processes if large installation
tweaks disabled and fork twice option disabled
* Fix for incorrect total checks counts in nagiostats
* Fix for segfault if embedded Perl support compiled in, but disabled by
config file option
* Smarter host check logic to reduce (uncached) on-demand host checks
during “stable” service problems
* Fix for recursive subgroup membership for host/service/contact groups
* Fix for renaming/moving files on network file systems
* New flap detection startup logic speedups when large installations
tweaks enabled
* Speed improvements during startup routines when using precached config
* Speed improvements in reading retention data during startup
* Safer loading mechanism for NEB modules to prevent segfaults in Nagios
* Fix for segfault in CGIs when converting object names with extended
ASCII characters to URLs

On another note, Nagios has been voted “2007 Monitoring Application of
the Year” by members. Thanks to everyone who has
made Nagios a success! Check out the results at:

Ethan Galstad
Nagios Developer

Email: [email protected]