Nagios 3.1.1 Released


Nagios 3.1.1 has been released and can be downloaded from:

Several fixes have been made in this release - including a potential security threat in the WAP interface. Users of 3.1.0 are urge to upgrade to 3.1.1. Once this release is tested by enough users to ensure the bug fixes don’t break anything, I’ll release 3.2.0.

Changes made since 3.1.0 are listed below:

3.1.1 - 06/22/2009

[list]]New “important check command” flag for use in service templates, to aid configuration in distributed environments/]
]Fix for nagios validation error when no services defined/]
]Fix for stylesheet link/]
]Fix for extinfo.cgi error message when cgi.cfg doesn’t exist/]
]Fix for notifications.cgi where Update button on right didn’t retain host information when no host= was in query parameters/]
]Fix for potential bug where a contactgroup with no members could cause parsing errors/]
]Fix for W3 validation for history.cgi/]
]Fix for W3 validation for extinfo.cgi/]
]Fix for nagiostats to return non-zero with failures in MRTG mode/]
]Added t/ directory for tests. Use make test to run. Requires perl on development server/]
]Fix for duplicate event_id attributes in status and retention data/]
]Fix for duplicate unlink() during check processing/]
]Added missing check period column to host config display (CGI)/]
]Fix for embedded Perl initialization under FreeBSD/]
]Fix for incorrect re-initialization of mutext after program restart/]
]Fix for incorrect weighting in host flap detection logic/]
]Added libtap to distribution. Use ./configure --enable-libtap to compile/]
]nagios.log permissions are now kept after log rotation/]
]Fix for “Max concurrent service checks (X) has been reached” messages - will now push services 5 + random(10) seconds ahead for retry/]
]Fix for removing old HTML files for web frontend that are now replaced with PHP equivalents (index/main/side.html)/]
]Fix for incorrect service history link text in CGIs/]
]Fix for useless code loop in netutils.c/]
]Fix for potential divide by zero in event scheduling code/]
]Fix for trailing backslash in plugin output causing memory corruption in CGIs/]
]Fix for bug that could affect host/service scheduling during clock time skew or changes to time period definitions between restarts/]
]Leading whitespace from continuation lines in configuration files is now stripped out/]
]Fix for bug where pipe (used by IPC) file descriptors get inherited by child processed (e.g. event handlers) (bug #0000026)/]
]Fix for failure to daemonize - Nagios now bails (bug #0000011)/]
]Fix for notifications about flapping starting not processed properly by retention data/]
]Patch to add transparency to statusmap icons for truecolor images/]
Patch to add read-only permissions to extinfo CGI/*]
]Security fix for statuswml.cgi where arbitrary shell injection was possible/][/list:u]

  • Ethan Galstad


Hm, seems something broke in this update.

I have custom host macro like this:

Which is used in a service like this:
check_command check_nrpe_service!$_HOST_WINDOWS_SERVICE

This doesn’t work anymore. If i replace the host macro with AOS$1, it doesnt work, but i have to write ‘AOS$$01’ (WITH single quotes).

Any tips on how to escape in custom macros?


Have you checked at the Nagios Bugtracker to see whether this is a confirmed bug? If it isn’t, can you please file it there? 8)


This isn’t a confirmed bug, but I’ve just posted it.


I have taken the liberty to look up your bug report: 8)