Nagios 3.1 Update Check - Test


I have Nagios happily running v3.1. Is there a way for me to test the new version update check functionality, so I can see what it looks like (and to confirm to myself that it’s working)?


check the homepage of your nagios install :slight_smile:


Luca, I see the home page, but there is nothing about the ‘update check’ displayed. I assume that means that there is no updated version available. That’s why I asked how to test it. By the way, I do have the setting ‘check_for_updates’ set to 1.


whoops, sorry.

I just checked my own page and it changed :slight_smile:
as long as 3.1.0 was tasting and the latest stable i had the " anew version is available" box… as it now is the latest it disappeared. sorry :slight_smile:

Anyway you’ll see a box with the “new version” notice on the homepage.