Nagios 3.2.3 - floods of alerts or none at all


Before I invest time and energy looking for alternatives, I’m hoping someone can help me out here.

I installed Nagios 3 about a year ago and spent a lot of time trying to get it set up properly, but I’m starting to get really frustrated.

When there’s an outage on some part of my network, I either get a FLOOD of alerts or none at all. For example, I do NOT want to get alerts because every device is down, I only want to receive an alert on the top-most parent item.

Today, I had a leg of my network go down, but received NOTHING from nagios on it. I have one device (a Dragonwave Horizon bridge) that can’t be monitored from this side of the network, but it and everything behind it went down, and I got absolutely no alerts until the network came back up, at which point, I got a few scattered UP alerts.

This is making no sense to me, and I’m not sure where I need to start looking for an answer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some tips, advice, or pointers.



If you didn’t already you need to setup your configuration using the parents definitions on the hosts and then alert only for down and recoevry events, ignore UNKNOWN status (which is the status a host eneters when it’s parent is down).