Nagios 3.2 SideBar Help


Hi Guys,

New to nagios and have a small problem with an upgrade I’ve done on freebsd. I upgraded from 3.0RC to 3.20 which has gone reasonably well, but the menus show up like this:

I’m just not quite sure what I’ve missed? I’ve checked /var/log/httpd-error.log for any clues but it all looks good.
I’ve followed the instructions on the nagios site (which are great), but I suspect I’ve missed an integral part of the setup somewhere.

Anyone come across this before?
If so can you put me on the right track please?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Kind Regards,

p.s I’ve kind of inherited this project, so I haven’t set nagios up on this box from scratch. Just stepping my way through it as I go.


check the share folder and see if you have HTML and PHP files together… if you have them both try renaimng the html files to .bak and see if it fixes.


Thanks for the reply luca.

There aren’t any html files in my /usr/local/nagios/share directory, however when I did the upgrade I didn’t delete the html files as directed here (I was using out of date printed doco, didn’t realise until now)

Perhaps not deleting these files would have caused problems?
I may just try and uninstall and reinstall from scratch.



if they aren’t there they are not causing the issue. could it be you used some different configure options?


I was told earlier that this server had been used as a test environment for a lot of things, so its had quite a bit of stuff dumped on it. I’m planning on just formatting and reinstalling from scratch.

In the meantime I’ve set it up on Ubuntu and it was up and running in about 10mins!
There is just too much fiddling around with FreeBSD, Debian env was much easier.