Nagios 3 client monitoring


Hi there,

I managed to install nagios 3 I have some problems with status map, trebds and more. but my main problem is that I can’t monitor any hosts but nagios server itself.

I have installed windows client nsclient 1.06.2 on a few windows xp machines. have confgured the windows.cfg with the relevant ip address. Nagios tels me that the connection is refused, however when I run ./check_nt -H 192.168.*.** -p 1248 -v MEMUSE -w 80 -c 90 gets me the answer >

emory usage: total:3938.86 Mb - used: 336.04 Mb (9%) - free: 3602.82 Mb (91%) | ‘Memory usage’=336.04Mb;3151.09;3544.98;0.00;3938.86

thank you in advanced