Nagios 3.x Statusmap spacing


I’m having a small issue with the Statusmap in Nagios 3.x

I want to increase the spacing in the Statusmap (Circular Marked UP), because the increasing amount of hosts makes things unreadable :

Does anyone have an idea how to change this? I’ve already searched statusmap.c for a variable which I might change, but no luck. My programming skills are next to non-existent, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note : my number of hosts is constantly changing, so using fixed 2d-coords are a pain in the you-know-what.


create some fake hosts (or even better insert switches in between) to have the hosts in an external ring…
There was an X application which was around some time ago (not sure if it has been developed more) which made it easy to move the hosts around (it created the user supplied coords for the hosts). But i can’t remeber it’s name… :frowning: