Nagios 3b5, nrpe, and externald commands problems


Hi all,

first of all, sorry for my english, i tried to search if this problem is on the forum but i didnt find it.

We use two nagios to monitoring 2500 servers, one of it is for check ping and two active services, and the other one is for receive passive checks,

The problem is on the passive checks, the nagios log show mesages like this: “XXXXnagios: EXTERNAL COMMAND: PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;XXXXX;SERVER;0;Servicio arrancado;;” But nagios dont process the message, and the web dont refresh the info until we reboot the nagios.

the command file receibe a great amount of messages from the servers (80.000 services, like 100 messages on a seccond) and the nagios failed to processes them…

Does somebody know about this problem?

Thanks for all…

we configure nagios like this.:




Just to make sure:
have you enabled the passive checks for each service ?
(through the option “passive_checks_enabled”)

Also, have you checked your event log ? it may help you troubleshoot your problem.

Apart from that, your issue may come from a lot of reasons; so it’s quite hard to guess ^^


Hi again, thx for the reply ^^

Its active, but the nagios only process little amount of the commands he receive, in the Performance Info i see this:

Check Statistics:

Type Last 1 Min Last 5 Min Last 15 Min
Active Scheduled Host Checks 0 0 0
Active On-Demand Host Checks 0 0 0
Parallel Host Checks 0 0 0
Serial Host Checks 0 0 0
Cached Host Checks 0 0 0
Passive Host Checks 0 0 0
Active Scheduled Service Checks 0 0 0
Active On-Demand Service Checks 0 0 0
Cached Service Checks 0 0 0
Passive Service Checks 0 0 1
External Commands 0 0 11128

Buffer Usage:

Type In Use Max Used Total Available
External Commands 20342 20342 200000

i increase the buffer because it was with all in use.

thx again!!


hi again.

After 10 minutes of a restart of Nagios, it doesnt process any services… but at the start it does…

Any idea?