Nagios admin GUI


I’m wondering whether there is a GUI available somewhere to manage the nagios/nrpe/nsca configuration files and the starting/stopping/restarting of the related components all from the nagios server. I believe there is a real need for this. If there isn’t anything like this currently available, I’d like to find out whether others would find this useful. If there is enough interest, I’d certainly be willing to follow through with design and development of an initial version.

Any pointers/suggestions/comments are appreciated.


I wrote a small script that telnets or ssh’s to each remote box, and then executes the start, or stop init scripts. Pretty straight forward. But a Gui? Dunno, look at nagiosexchange, they have plenty of stuff.


The only things that I could find on nagios exchange that does a subset of what I am describing are NagiosQL 2005 (UI too unintuitive), NagiosWeb (only supports configuration files mods) and NCPL (requires MySQL).

Unless there are others I am missing, none of them meet what I am looking for.

If others have differing opinions about them, I’d like to hear what you have to say. If there are other implementations out there that I missed, I’d also like to hear about them.


I use NagiosQL and am quite happy with it. The import function allowed me to import all of my existing config files seemlessly and get going quick. It also runs the check config and restart commands.


I am using Monarch and it is working great. Very easy to use.



excellent question!
I wouldn’t really need a GUI for the nagios configuration … (well, except if it can manage several servers…)
but I’m really interested by a GUI to manage our NRPE clients … because, let’s face it: it’s a real pain to manage them all … even through scripts
(we changed our nagios server recently; I wrote a script to change the “allowed_hosts” on all our nrpe config files through telnet; it worked almost fine, but that’s not really what we could expect in 2008 :))

So yes, if someone has a GUI to manage NRPE clients, I’m really interested!