Nagios and IPlanet


Hi friends,
I was happy to see an active list on nagios. I need your help. I am a newbie and just started learning Nagios monitoring tool. I have a question.

What should i do for the following problem
Step 1: I have a web server accepting client requests and maintains a counter. Now with nagios i want count(=number of client requests) of that web server after every 1 minute.
Step 2: If that count exceeds some threshold, nagios should monitor and send an email(some response).

So do i need to write some Nagios plugin for step1 to get count information of the web server. Also do i need to write some client application to  generate some response(if >threshold). 

How should i approach this problem. Also i could able to find Nagios with apache but i faced hard time in finding tutorials for configuring Nagios and iplanet web server for monitoring.

I would be grateful to you if some one would guide me.

Thanks in advance.


Make a shell script which counts accesses on the access log and use SNMP or any other method to alert nagios… but i think you could be better off if the script itself sends the email without nagios.



Hi Luca,
Thanks for your reply. Do we need to use SNMP to alert Nagios after every minute. I would like to know the complete operation of Nagios and tutorial on configuring Nagios with IPlanet web server. Would you please let me know if any articles on the web for this configuration.

Also i did not understand writing a script, can you give me some example

Thank you for your time ,


oh wait you already have a counter… where is it stored if it’s a file you could return the file content to an snmp request.

Check the snmpd.conf man page (the exec part is the one you need)

I don’t know what IPlanet is (possibly a provider) but i don’t think it’s any different than any other server.

As for naghios configuration use the nagios documentation on go step by step and you’ll see it’s not that difficult, once it runs start by making some local tests with check_snmp or any other check plugin you might need.