Nagios and Oracle Checks ( permission problem i think ) F1?


Hi all, i need to monitor some oracle databases in my nagios implementation:

The point is, from command line i can check the tables and with nagios user, but in my webinterface i always get the error CRITICAL: TSNAME ADW_DATA not found
I have oracle installed and as i said from command line i can check that table and the others… only in the interface i can’t.

I know i am being a little confusing but atm im a little lost with this problem.

Any tip woulb be great!


Are you sure you’re using the proper syntax in your command definition for checking the databases.

You can post here the command definition and service definition that you’re using for oracle check so we could troubleshoot your issue more easily.


Guys, i have made so many changes and i simple forgot to restart nagios after setting new permissions to nagios user… when i restarted nagios everything worked…

Thanks very much Albin for your time :smiley:

Now im happy and going to get drunk… or maybe not… not time to leave job yet :frowning: