Nagios and snmptt

I have nagios up and running (and has been for awhile) I recently added the snmptt for snmp traps. The snmptt appears to be running correctly accordng to the logs being generated. The trap also apperas in the nagios.log file. The question and or questions i have is I never get an alert an the passive check aalways says pending. enclosed are the service check and an entry from the logs

passive check
define service{
use generic-service ; Name of service template to use

    host_name                         device_name
    service_description             TRAP
    is_volatile                           1
    check_command                 check-host-alive
    check_period                      24x7
    max_check_attempts               1
    normal_check_interval             1
    retry_check_interval                1
    passive_checks_enabled           1
    check_period                           none
    notification_interval                  31536000  # equals a year
    notification_period                    24x7
    notification_options                   w,u,c,r
    notifications_enabled                 1 
    contact_groups                         linux-admins

snmptt log entry

Wed Dec 7 21:10:41 2005 Normal “Status Events” system_name - A coldStart trap signifies that the SNMP entity,

Wed Dec 7 15:38:00 2005 Normal “Status Events” system_ip - This trap indicates that VPN tunnel status has occured. 41 2005-12-07 15:38:00 system-critical-00041: vpn “St John Tunnel” is down.

entry from nagios.log

[1133792753] EXTERNAL COMMAND: PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;system_name;TRAP;0;Device reinitialized (coldStart)
[1133792757] Warning: Message queue contained results for service ‘TRAP’ on host ‘system_name’. The service could not be found!

The pieces to make this work seem to be in place but im just missing something. If im amissing any thing please let me know

Just as you message states "Warning: Message queue contained results for service ‘TRAP’ on host ‘system_name’. The service could not be found! " It sounds like you have defined a passive check on the nagios server. So, the active check appears to be defined as host system_name and the service appears to be named TRAP. Both of those need to be defined on the nagios server and be spelled identically as they are on the remote host… See the nagios docs for details on how passive checks work.