[Nagios-announce] Nagios Core 4.0.2 Available


Nagios Core 4.0.2 has just been released and can be downloaded from


Thanks to all who contributed to the updated code and those who tested the release candidate. For a complete list of contributors, please see http://www.nagios.org/news/77-news-announcements/366-nagios-core-402-released. Changelog is below.

4.0.2 - 11/25/2013

[list]]Fixed bug 528: Nagios 4.0.1: Logrotation: Only current host- and servicestates saved in rotated logfiles (duplicate of 507)/:m]
]Fixed bug 507: Nagios 4.0.0 - Problem during log rotate (Stefano Ghelfi)/:m]
]Fixed bug 530: RPM spec file sets wrong permissions on plugins directory (duplicate of bug 494)/:m]
]Fixed bug 494: nagios.spec fixes (with patch) (Karsten Weiss)/:m]
]Fixed bug 515: Segsegv after starting up nagios (duplicate of bug 526)/:m]
]Fixed bug 513: Crash while entering downtime for service (duplicate of bug 526)/:m]
]Fixed bug 529: Core Worker failed to reap child in 4.0.1 Description/:m]
]Fixed bug 514: scheduled downtime not showing in web interface (Eric Stanley)/:m]
]Fixed bug 526: sort_downtime() corrupts scheduled_downtime_list causing segfault (Adam James)/:m]
]Fixed bug 492: Nagios 4 fails to remove/add checks upon reload (Eric Stanley)/:m]
]Fixed Bug 484: Beta4.0.0b4 service checks returning (No output on stdout) (Eric Stanley)/:m]
]Fixed Bug 470: statusmap doesn’t display info (Cameron Moore)/:m]
]Fixed Bug 499: Security issue in daemon-init.in, function check_config (Tómas Edwardsson) /:m][/list:u]

Eric Stanley

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Web: http://www.nagios.com