[Nagios-announce] Nagios Core 4.0.3 Available


Nagios Core 4.0.3 has just been released and can be downloaded from


Thanks to all who contributed to the updated code and those who tested the release candidate. Changelog is below.

4.0.3 - 02/28/2014


  • Aliased hourly_value to importance and minimum_value to minimum_importance and deprecated the former (Eric Stanley)
  • Added host and service importance macros (Eric Stanley)
  • Added notifications on flexible downtime expiration (Dan Wittenberg)


  • Bug #548: Temporary fix that rejects all external command during restart to prevent Core from crashing (Eric Stanley)
  • Corrected calculation of host importance and importance defaults (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #498: Nagios 4 enable_environment_macros=1 not working (Eric Stanley, Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • No longer checks whether logs can be written when verifying configuration (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed CGI bug where the CGI could read past the end of the list of CGI variables, potentially crashing the CGI (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed inheritance of hourly_value from host and service templates (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed bug #502: 4.0.0: Configuration -> Service Escalations = incomplete list (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #523: quotes and double quotes in plugin message are converted to HTML escapes in Nagios 4.0 (duplicate of bug #524)
  • Fixed bug #524: URLs returned in plugin check results are not correctly displayed (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug where passive service checks would return “Service check timed out after 0.00 seconds” (Scott Wilkerson)

Eric Stanley

Developer Nagios Enterprises, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.nagios.com