Nagios beginner

I am not able to install nagios. I try to install it from tar ball. It goes allright. Then afterwards when I open the /usr/local/nagios directory…I cud see all the folders ex: share…sbin…var…bin…but not etc folder…so I cud not locate the main config file (nagios.cfg). Wat should I do to overcome this problem…please help meeeeeeeeee

run the command
make install-config, it will create the /nagios/etc folder and some config. files like
"nagios.cfg-sample", “host.cfg-sample” all in this way -> somthg.cfg-sample, all you have to do is rename these files in .cfg files
Something like "mv nagios.cfg-sample nagios.cfg"
This will not make nagios run, because you have to edit the .cfg files and configure them (read the documentation, it will helps you a lot).

i dont understand all the problem
but i have a similar problem
i fix it in the beggining of install
just try to add in the configure this "./configure --prefix=/usr/local/nagios/"
maybe it help you

NP, many miss this very same thing. francesco has it right, so he must not have missed the message reported during the make install command he issued. There are several other flavors of the “make something” like “make install-init” I think is another one. That will install the init scripts so nagios starts up automatically upon system reboot. So, if in doubt, just run make install again, and this time, READ what is at the end of that output. It will have told you to run " make install-config" just as fronacesco pointed out.