Nagios cgi.cfg bug



I just installed 3.0.6 and have a problem with multiple instances. I want to use one nagios installation for several nagios configurations. The problem that I found is that nagios is ALWAYS looking for the cgi.cfg in $PREFIX/etc/cgi.cfg and not in my custom folders like $PREFIX/etc-inst1/cgi.cfg where also the rest of the configuration file is located.

I installed nagios normal to /usr/local/nagios/ and the folder structure is normal and nagios and the webinterface is running.

When I rename the $PREFIX/etc/ folder to $PREFIX/etc-BLA/ and change all the necessary path in the configuration file, then the webinterface cannot access the cgi.cfg anymore. It tries always to access cgi.cfg in $PREFIX/etc/cgi.cfg.

Is it possible that the path is somewhere hard coded in the cgi scripts or nagios?
Some body has the same problem and has a solution?



Okay I found a way. It is possible to give Apache a Variable that the Nagios Webinterface will use.


Thanks :slight_smile: